Internet Explorer 7: Customize Appearance

Windows Vista enhances the Internet Explorer® experience. The upcoming release of Windows® Internet Explorer 7® not only adds important new security and privacy features, but makes everyday tasks easier through features such as tabbed browsing, inline search, and shrink-to-fit printing.

So, depending on the page you are viewing and the resolution of your monitor you can adjust the text to fit the situation. This can make some web pages easier to read. Adjusting them can also enhance the visual nature of the page, larger text and larger images, if that is important for the page.

Anytime you need them, you also have access to the familiar menus of previous versions of IE and this is just if you want the menus on all the time. Most common functions are easily available from the menu bar buttons without the classic menus. Thus the menus may become obsolete for you as you familiarize yourself with the aspects of Internet Explorer 7.

· Ensure you’re logged in as

· Launch Internet Explorer

· Click Page menu > Text Size > Select smallest

· Click Page menu > Zoom > 400%

· Click Page menu > Text Size > Largest

· Scroll around to show text and images

· Click Page menu > Zoom > 100%

· Click Tools menu > Full Screen

· Press F11 to return

· Show ALT, then Click Tools > Toolbars > Classic menu

· Click Page menu > Text Size > Select smaller


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