Android ICS 4.0.3 RC1 by Onecosmic Installation Tutorial for SGS GT I9000

Onecosmic recently released the latest port for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, I9000b, Captivate & Vibrant from its previous Beta2 build. The following tutorial will guide you step by step to install the latest Android ROM Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 Release Candidate 1.

For the installation, you first need to download a few zip files as follows:


Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing.s:

IF YOU ARE FLASHING FOR THE FIRST TIME: (You should be able to flash this on top any ROM, but some people report flashing over CM7 works better)

1.Install Kernel

2.Go to Recovery (Three button combination Vol Up + Home Key + Power Off)

3.Clean Cache and Dalvik Cache and do Factory reset

4.Install ROM from sdcard using “Install zip from sdcard” option in recovery.

5.Install ‘SuperUser’

6.Install ‘Kernel’ again 🙂


·If you get into a bootloop after these steps, redo the above steps. Note that first run may take a couple of minutes!

·If you are stuck in ICS logo animation go to recovery, wipe dalvik / wipe cache / do a factory reset / install superuser / install kernel


1.Flash the newest build in CWM.If you have rebooted and your phone will not go past the kernel screen

2.Boot into CWM and wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition.

3.Reflash the appropriate kernel.


· If you have actually read and tried all these instructions and are still stuck PLEASE POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AND THEY WILL GET ADDRESSED ASAP.

· If you boot up and you can’t get 3G, you did something wrong. Try flashing theJVT modem.

Update 27/12/2011: Some users had issues in connecting to wifi. In that case, once the installation is complete, go to the wifi fix post to rectify the same.

Update Clarification: This is not an official ROM. It has been developed by Onecosmic as clearly mentioned it post heading as well as the body. Please not that we do not take any responsibility if you get into any problem during the installation of this ROM. If you choose to install and use this ROM, it is totally at your own risk and neither this blog nor the developer takes any responsibility if your phone gets bricked or any thing else happens during the course of installation.


59 thoughts on “Android ICS 4.0.3 RC1 by Onecosmic Installation Tutorial for SGS GT I9000

  1. im on the official xxjvs rom.
    tell me from the scrach what should be my next step fo
    r getting this rom.
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. wow. really nice Teach.
    but one thing i want to know.
    u written in ur post to download kernal+vodoo and kernal+vodoo+sound but u ddnt tell where to use that files.
    plz explain that also…

    • Those are optional kernels. Though, I don’t really feel there is any necessity to use these, but there are some people who like to use them. So, had to update about them also.

      Voodoo lagfix: improve performance level and consistency by using Check the comment by Ankit Sharma (@Amadeus_L)
      Voodoo color: enhance viewing experience by fine-tunings of the display parameters for global usage and video.
      Voodoo sound: improve the sound of your phone to great extends.

      • would just like to correct you that voodoo lagfix is different from voodoo sound or color. voodoo lagfix is used to convert your file partition system from rfs to ext4 which improves the i/o data speed. the perceivable difference is very small tho. only to those who are going to use lagfix, i advise you to switch back to rfs if you plan to go back to your older rom (which you will coz this is still not the ultimate stable version)


        • Actually, if you go through the comments, you’d come to know, there still are some problems with the lagfix in ICS. So, its better not to use it right now….

  3. ok gr8 thanks
    and on which step we shd use these kernal, i mean when to install it it. before or after installing the main Rom?

  4. thanks well i have another Galaxy S with theme xxjvs rom but the problem with it is when ever i pull out n insert the battery again in mobile then without touching any button its starts with the “Download Mode”. and when i insert the usb charging port. its gets started Automatically.
    Plz solve this issue.

    • Some of the known problems as well as recent solutions after the release of the ROM, as quoted by the developer Onecosmic himself:

      Ok, work sucks, life not but takes time and so on…

      Here i am after getting a couple of minutes to post

      Lets start with a couple of things:

      Battery issues: If you don’t complete 2 full charge cycles (discharge to 0 and charge to 100% 2 times) please do not complain about battery life, all android versions needs this in order to calibrate battery comsumption, this is mandatory.

      Brightness: I know is darker and have steps not working, i’ll fix that, not sure if with an update or in the full release (again, lack of time)

      Wifi tether: does not work yet, its a mater of time.

      USB tether, worked for me all day today, no mayor issues. anyhow i’ll try to check with other users to see what happens.

      Voodoo color kernel: it was compiled due to request from several users, i dont like it and i dont have time to check why the gamma tables get screwed, you can adjust them using voodoo control apk.

      T9 on dialer: wip, again, not sure if update or next release.

      Dictionary, there is a update that someone put on the thread, please take a look, it works without issues.

      TV Out: i’ll get a cable today to test, i dont have one until now so i was not able to test it

      Media Scanning: i’ll check on that (slowness, memory consumption and duplicate names).

      Besides of the things above, i have a i9000b phone (almost the same as i9000, minor differences) its complicate to diagnose problems in vibrant or captivate without having the device, so far i know that gps does not work on cappy i’ll try to o my best, but again, without having the devices is difficult to test everything.


      • actually, the i9000M is known to use i9000 roms and kernels without issues as it resembles the international model the closest out of all the other i9000 versions (i.e i9000B and i9000T). I don’t see why this would be any different if it can be applied to the international version…

        • Well in that case, you may try it out. But do make sure that you take up proper backup with clockworkmod recovery so that in case you need to come back it won’t be a problem.

  5. This is really a fake rom!



    • Firstly, there is nothing like a fake ROM… It is ICS for sure, developed by Onecosmic…
      Secondly, if you have noticed it is not a commercial one with full support so, you cannot blame anyone for that.
      Thirdly, there must have been some problem during your installation and so you are facing this problem. AFAIK, there have been more than 3000 downloads of this ROM and many have successfully installed it and using it. Don’t worry, it is now possible to recover the IMEI also, google for the same and you would get the solution.

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  7. I on android 2.3.4 XXJVP can i root then update to 4.0.3

    Or do i need to update to 2.3.5 then root and update to 4.0.3


  9. Hi,

    I flashed this rom yesterday and it went without any problems. The phone was fully functional until I woke up this morning when it was completely dead. During the night I had it connected to the charger. It acts as if the battery is completely drained and it won’t charge, neither from a wall socket nor from a computer. I can’t boot the phone normally or into recovery or download mode.

    I guess I’ll have to buy a new battery and try with that? Could the overnight charging have damaged my battery or what could have happened?

    Any idea of anything else I could try would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi again,

      Actually got my phone up and running. It will apparently charge from my windows laptop but not from my iMac. Once I have it back at 100 % again I will try the wall charger again.

      Sorry for bothering you!

  10. Brov gt a prob i gt no network signal . went into the network settings and it jst keeped saying error try later . Then i turned my phone off jst to see if that wud work . Then the start up screen keeped on loopin off and on.
    Any tips to gt it goin brov . THANKZ

  11. heyy im currently on xwjvz 2.3.6.. if you could please give me instructions from here how to do everything from here on in.. oh and please with instructions including about the wifi fix etc.. your help will be greatly appreciated brother 🙂 🙂

  12. Hello.

    I am a rookie. I have a I9000 with 2.3.3 DDJV5. I want to install Onecosmic’s ICS. Do i need to root my phone using Odin before i start installing the kernel.

    And, how can i install the kernel. In Download mode, should i boot with the relevant file

    Also, should i install Clockworkmod or Cyanogen Mod.

    Please help. Happy New year in advance.

    • Yea, you do need to root your phone first. Once that is done, you can take a backup with clockworkmod recovery and proceed with the installation of ICS.

      P.S. ICS RC2 is also released now. You can straight away install that instead of this one.

  13. Hey, just a quick question. I’m not sure if this is a known issue, but whenever I shut my phone off and plug in the charger, it always boots up instead of staying shut off. Also, Antutu Benchmarks :/ it stops at 50% which seems to be the 3D graphics. I’m on the latest build (RC2.1) and everything else seems to work fine. Do you have any idea what might be happening?

    • It is still an issue. In the earlier version, the battery charging was not showing up when the phone was switched off. As far as the benchmarks are concerned, I’ll have to check and get back to you.

      • I’m havin the same thing wid my phone on RC2.1 and lost 50% of the 3D.
        I also can’t access external card files using OI file manager or astro but wen using gallery or music player all my media stuff loads up.

        Big improvement from RC1 nxt update should gd .

        Keep it up brov best website for advice.

        • Normally it takes 3-4 battery drain cycles to get it calibrated fully. Only then you shall be able to get full battery utilization.
          External card can be accessed using Astro File Manager.

  14. hi um i tried to download those files u told me to download but the first one works but the others below dosnt work (as in the website it says its forbidden)

  15. Hi, I really like this release and appreciate the quick work done to get this rom out there. I am having an issue with my dialer. If I call someone or receive a call, I have no audio from the receiver, but it works when I switch to speaker phone. I have tried clearing out the cache, the Davlik, and factory resetting. I also then tried reflashing. I would prefer not to go back to stock to reflash, but I may have to.

    Also, as a lesser issue, my home and back keys are switched.

  16. Awesoe ROM – thanks for the answers and suggestions – I found solution toevery single bit of problem i had .
    Keep up the great work for our SGS 🙂


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