Android ICS 4.0.3 RC2.11 by Onecosmic Installation Tutorial for SGS GT I9000

The RC2.11 version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 for Samsung Galaxy S Phones ( GT I9000 the International Version, I9000b, Captivate as well Vibrant) is now available. It solves the previous problems of rooting. It now has a better animation as well as the new Dialler now features T9 search support too.

Some pre-requisites to be followed are:

  • Taking the back-up: This is a must thing that should be done. Get into Clockworkmod Recovery and select backup. It would take around 10 minutes to complete the backup. Please make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Alternatively, you can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager or Titanium Backup which are freely available in the android market.
  • Also, to take up the backup of sms and call logs you may use SMS Backup+ which again is freely available in android market. It syncs your call logs and sms as labels to your gmail account.
  • Now, for the new ICS RC2.1, the following downloads should be made:
  1. ROM for GT I9000: /
  2. Kernel for GT I9000: /
  3. ROM for I9000b:
  4. Kernel for I9000b:
  5. ROM for Vibrant:
  6. Kernel for Vibrant:
  7. ROM for Captivate:
  8. Kernel for Captivate:
  9. SuperUser for ICS:
  10. Copy the respective ROM, Kernel as well as the SuperUser to the root folder of your Internal SD Card.

—-Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing—-

Some basics for the first timers:

To enter into recovery mode one needs to press the three button combo:

IF YOU ARE FLASHING FOR THE FIRST TIME: (You should be able to flash this on top any ROM, but some people report flashing over CM7 works better)

In case you have already rooted, then you can straight away follow the steps:

  1. Install the respective Kernel according to your phone model. For this enter into the recovery, Move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the kernel file and select it.
  2. Again go to Recovery, clean Cache and Dalvik Cache and do Factory reset.
  3. Install ROM from sdcard. For this enter into the recovery, Move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the ROM file and select it.
  4. Install ‘SuperUser’ (
  5. Install ‘Kernel’ again following the steps in point 1.
  6. Reboot

·If you get into a bootloop after these steps, redo the above steps.

· Note that first run may take a couple of minutes!

·If you are stuck in ICS logo animation go to recovery again, wipe dalvik / wipe cache / do a factory reset / install superuser / install kernel

· If you have actually read and tried all these instructions and are still stuck PLEASE POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AND THEY WILL GET ADDRESSED ASAP.

The ROM & Kernel downloads supported by:


49 thoughts on “Android ICS 4.0.3 RC2.11 by Onecosmic Installation Tutorial for SGS GT I9000

  1. Hi,

    I’m kind of new to upgrading/flash android devices, i currently have a GT-I9000 running 2.3.3

    PDA : I9000XWJVH
    PHONE : I9000XXJVO
    CSC : I9000NEEJV3

    I’ve been waiting for ages for 2.3.4 and recently 2.3.5 to be available via Kies but no luck, seems Samsung have abandoned Galaxy S users in Scandinavia. Now they seem also to have abandoned us again when they have announced that ICS won’t be available either.

    I’m now willing to try your ICS custom ROM out but as i wrote i’m kind of new so i have a few questions first.

    1 – will the custom ROM support swedish character set ?
    2 – Can i just add the custom to my native 2.3.3 running recovery 3e or do i have to root the device first ?
    3 – Is there a way to go back to my previous factory/samsung rom ?
    4 – Is there a stable release coming ?

    Keep up the good work …


    • Answers to your questions:
      1. Not that I know of.
      2. You need to root it first… only then shall you be able to install titanium backup and get the backup of apps or take a full NANDROID backup from clockworckmod app and then get into clockworkmod recovery to flash the new rom/kernel/superuser
      3. Yes there is… you can download your current version from here, unzip the files and use the ODIN method to flash it. The pit file, that is not included in this zip can be downloaded from here
      4. This is much stable than previous versions. You can check with the users’ comments to know their experience good/bad/ugly. And yes, there will be a new release soon… How soon? Even I don’t know. But yes, if there is a new release, I’ll be back with it.. 🙂

      Hope this answers all your questions.

  2. works like a charm,big thanks to onecosmic,gti9000 is running well,phone can be used for daily routines,the ice cream sandwich 4.0.3 rc2.1 operating system is absolutely awsome…..thanks for fixing the links..

  3. Hi guys,

    Is there a version which can be flashed through ODIN?

    I had RC1 (on I9000), then I installed Glitch kernel, then ROM stuck in bootloop (as I see its cannot mount something, installation aborted but its rebooting immediatelly so I don’t have time to read it correctly).
    I flashed Darky 10.2.2 JVT 2.3.5, then tried again, same happened (I followed the procedure – coming from other ROM, factory reset, etc.)

    Any idea?

    Many thanks,

  4. hey, i’m using darky’s rom and tried to installa this ROM but it gives straight away “installaton aborted” in recovery, should i try to install first kernel and then rom?

  5. Hi Thanks for the post , can you please include Polaris Office or any office suite so that we can edit word and excel ,

    • Try clearing the cache and try again…
      If the problem persists… flash the fugumod kernel…. download link will be available in the RC1 Tutorial Post…

  6. How long time take the installation of the rom? I was waiting for 30 minutes and none action take place (the phone display the color squares animation…)

  7. i think i found an issue with ics 4.0.3 rc2.1 rom.
    when playing a video and you press the power button,the screen goes off and locks the phone,the video doesn’t continue to play.
    In gingerbread the power button locks the screen but the video continues to play.
    i don’t think ics should be like that, or is it?

  8. thx for your anwer, so the only way to connect PC is with “monut and storage” in recovery mode?
    BTW, can you plz tell me how to get battery percentage in notification bar?
    can u also tell me which kernal is the best(especially for gameloft games)? when i am on darky rom, some gameloft games FC.
    THX a lot..

  9. Plz some help me, when i choose and select rom file it just splashing through recovery and reboot. Can’t do anything,can only proceed to download mode. So i flash my previous rom(darky rom XXJVT-base RE)and do it again,but same happened. Is it because of my previous rom? Plz give me some suggestions!!!!

  10. sorry for just annoying, someone plz tell me how to set songs as ringtone, i can’t find ringtone option in music player…
    waiting for reply !!!

  11. hi for every one i just want to share my experince regarding ics rom even in this 4.0.3r1_Rc2. I installed and use it for 1 week every thing is ok fro normal daily use except for GPS support on this ROM. The themes and new icon is ok and acceptable but some features compared in gingerbread little bit away. like the following:

    For gaming HD games like Street fighter 4, Tom Clancy, Spider Man, Modern Combat 2, and 3, NOVA, always force closed all this game i played in gingerbread no other issue, also the game Dungeon Defenders and Eternity Warriors. I love playing games much more when break time in my duty to take a fast time so on that reason a come back again in stable gingerbread xxjvs 2.3.5 and evrything is fine.

    If you like the theme of ics you can download it in the market or use blackmart so you can download even the paid version of software in the market.

    • That’s true.But for me,only NOVA 2 force close.I haven’t try modern combat 3 yet,but I see someone in youtube playing that game in this rom.

  12. oooh! Not again! Android OS battery drainage bug. After using phones for ten minutes, Aandroid OS is 30% and quick battery drain :(((((

  13. i have instaled this ics it working very good but,i have:
    usb problem
    my pc cant see my gt i9000
    google+ is not working
    how to fix it

    • USB detection is a know issue and it is not yet working…
      google+ may not have released their support for ICS yet… will have to check it out and then let you know..

  14. Installed ICS on my Galaxy S i9000, but i cant change my ringtone to an mp3 of my choice, i have to choose from a list of preloaded ones. Does anyone have a solution to this???

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