Tutorial to Install Android 2.3.6 XXJVU Official on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

Android 2.3.6 XXJVU is a Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 (PLEASE NOTE: THIS ROM IS FOR GT I9000, THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION ONLY AND NOT FOR I9000b OR CAPTIVATE OR VIBRANT) The ROM that we are about to install is the OFFICIAL ROM released by Samsung for Europe (Release Date: December, 2011)

The changelog for 2.3.6 XXJVU is as follows:

  • Face Unlock from Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy Note Lockscreen
  • Galaxy S2 Photo Editor
  • Improved Camera App
  • Ability to take picture while taking videos
  • Fast auto-rotation response
  • New Lockscreen sounds
  • Enhanced stock browser
  • Smoother and faster Gallery 3D
  • Higher FPS rate in 3D
  • Minor changes in the UI

Some of the prerequisites to be followed:

  • Take the back-up of all the apps: To do so, in case you have a rooted phone, you may use Titanium Backup from Android Market. If you don’t have rooted phone, you can use Astro File Manager  (Available in Android Market for free) to take the backup.
  • Backup of contacts: Mostly all the Android devices are preset to sync the contacts with the gmail account. In-case, you have disabled it, you can enable it by getting into Contacts–>Options–>More–>Accounts and select the google account and check mark the sync contacts option.
  • Taking back-up of Call Logs and Messages: You can use third party apps from android market like SMS Backup + (Again freely available) which will sync your logs and messages to your gmail account as labels which can be easily restored later.
  • Downloading the ROM file: I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA.rar
  • Downloading the ODIN & PIT files: Flashprogram_Samsung_I9000__Pits.rar
  • Downloading the Drivers for the PC: SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1_3_2300_0.zip

Once you are done with the prerequisites, you can move down to the installation procedure as below:

  1. Unzip the ROM, ODIN and Drivers to their respective folders in case it requires any password, it will be “samfirmware.com”
  2. Now, the first thing to be done is install the phone drivers on the PC which you are to use for flashing the ROM. To do this, navigate to  SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1_3_2300_0 folder and select the appropriate setup x86 or x64 based on the type of OS you are using on your PC.
  3. Once this one has been installed, get your GT I9000 in the download mode by using the 3-Button combo. For that, first switch off the phone and wait for it to vibrate a little just to confirm that it is completely switched off. Then, press the three buttons: Power Key, Volume Down and  Home Key  and hold until you see a green android saying “Downloading”
  4. Next, goto Flashprogram_Samsung_I9000__Pits folder and open I9003_Odin3 v1.82.exe (Don’t bother the  I9003 in the file name. It is compatible for I9000 also)
  5. Once ODIN has be opened, connect your phone to the PC while it is in download mode. Once connected, an “Added” remark will appear on the message window.
  6. Next, click on the PIT button, navigate to the Flashprogram_Samsung_I9000__Pits folder and select s1_odin_20100512.pit
  7. Then, click on the PDA button, navigate to the I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA  folder and select the CODE_I9000XXJVU_CL851880_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5 file.
  8. Then, click on the PHONE button, navigate to the I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA  folder and select the MODEM_I9000XXJVU_REV_00_CL1092175.tar.md5 file.
  9. Then, click on the CSC button, navigate to the I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA  folder and select the GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJVU.tar.md5 file.
  11. Next, make sure that Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time have been check marked.
  12. Once all the above steps are done, click on Start  button and wait for the message window to show “All threads completed” and “Pass” displayed on the top left box.

The phone will then automatically reboot. You can now disconnect the cable. Meanwhile, the phone will get into the first time setup, where in you can setup the basic services like the wifi, data usage and gmail sync etc…





129 thoughts on “Tutorial to Install Android 2.3.6 XXJVU Official on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

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  5. Woah this blog is fantastic i like reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You realize, many individuals are hunting round for this info, you can help them greatly.

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  13. Android 2.3.6 XXJVU Official on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 – It can be installed in GT-I9003/JPKPH.

    Is it possible?

  14. I am using SGS GT-I9003, in UAE
    Firmware version-2.3.6,
    Baseband Version I9003JXKP3,
    Kernel version–CL811961 root@DELL132 #1

    I can Update Samsung Galaxy SL GT I9003 With Alpha Android 4.0.3 ICS Firmware

    • In that case, you are using the latest official GB update available for your device. As far as ICS is concerned, no ROM is developed to the stage that it can be installed for regular use on I9003. So, you’ll have to wait for the same… 😦
      Keep following to get the latest updates
      Cheers!! 🙂

  15. Hello,
    I am using a GT-I900
    Firmware version: 2.3.4
    Baseband version: I9000XXJVQ
    Kernel version: root@DELL123#2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.XFJV7
    Can I update to 2.3.6? After this can I update to Dark Knight?
    Thanks in advance!

  16. this rom is really good sometimes…but randomly turns of 3G all of the sudden, and it wastes money and power (both)

      • what do you mean by the right radio? I have the same problem — 3g was on for ~30s after first boot up, and now it won’t connect. calling/sms works, wifi works, but 3g/H fails.

        thanks for the tutorial 🙂


        • By radio, I mean the right modem files (Each region has some configuration for it eg: XXJVU, XXJVT, DDJV5, etc…) So, you need to flash the one that is relevant to your region!

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  19. Hi.I have samsung galaxy s i9000 and i want to install this 2.3.6 version.Right now i have on the phone android version 2.3.4 Gingerbread.XFJV7.I dont know if is rooted or not,or how to root . Can i use this instructions above and instal 2.3.6 ?
    If i have to do something else before,please give me few instructions.

    • If you are willing to install 2.3.6, the method shown in the article does not require you to root first. You may follow the steps and install it directly.

  20. I have downloding allready this I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA
    My phone has model number – GT-I9000
    Firware version – 2.3.4
    Build Gingerbread.XFJV7

  21. plz help
    i am on 4.0.4 dark knight rom and now not able to connect via usb…..when i connect the usb cable it show “turn on USB storage” but wen when i turn it on nothig happens but only the phone starts charging…plz help me wat to do….
    and even because of this i cant go back to 2.3.6…..plz tell wat to do plzz…urgent

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  23. I have a Singapore Version of the Galaxy S GT-i9000. I upgraded to 2.3.3 via Kies. I believe this version is causing battery charging problems because I did not have this issue when FROYO 2.2 was installed. When fully charged, it does not keep the phone on a full charge throughout the night. Before I unplug it in the morning, it display 100% but as soon as I unplugged the usb charger, it is below 80%. I am using a program to chart the voltage and saw that the phone reports it at 100% but the voltage is constantly dropping throughout the night.

    My Current ROM and is NOT rooted:
    PDA: I9000DXJV9
    CSC: I9000SXJV9
    CSC: I9000LBJV9
    Build Info: Wed May 18 19:32:07 KST 2011

    Can I install the OPEN Europe JVU 2.3.6 ROM in my Singapore I9000? Does my phone need to be rooted? I tried using Kies to update but there is no updates for my phone. I don’t understand why there is an update for Europe’s i9000 and none for Asia’s i9000. Please explain?

    Thanks for your time.

    • If your phone model says “GT I9000” then you can for sure install 2.3.6 open europe.

      You won’t get official update through kies because apparently Samsung did not make any ROM later than 2.3.4 for any of the Asian countries. Its just some of these European countries that received the 2.3.6 update. The reason for the same, only Samsung can answer!!

      You don’t need to have your phone rooted to install this ROM since we will be using the ODIN software on PC. This ROM has got very good battery results as compared to its previous version!!!

      Hope this answers all your queries… 🙂

  24. Hmm… I am from Singapore and I tried installing 2.3.6 based on this guide. However, I am stuck in SetupConnection for an hour and still counting…

    What should I do next?

    Help would be appreciated.

  25. I have mentioned above…the password does not seem to be working for me…I have tried both…samfirmware and with .com…plz help…i am on xwjw5 and have to go back to jvu….coz want to root and install ICS

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  27. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I was having problems with the firmware icecream on my sgs i9000 because since I started to use this firmware i t
    was never enabled to use the odin,the usb never used to add on Odin..
    Thanks to you i can change..

  28. pls help me….

    i have installed on my samsung galaxy gt i9003 phone 2.3.6 gingerberd gt i9000 version.now mobile has been swiched off….kindly help me ……

    • Well you should have read the warning before flashing. Anyways, now I’d only advise you to use ODIN to flash the stock Gingerbread ROM for i9003 if your download mode is still working.

    • Don’t panic, just pull the battery, re-insert and go back to download mode.
      Most probably you must have put in the wrong files in PDA/Phone/CSC just double check the same. Also ensure that you’re using PIT512 and not any other PIT file. Hope that helps. 🙂

  29. hi phanse,
    thanks for your replied. I’ve did exactly and double checked the files by following your instruction earlier. Not sure why it doesn’t work. After i restarted my computer and do everything by following your instructions again and it work 😀 Thanks for the tutorial thats very helpful.

    By the way, by any chance you have any tutorial on how to root , install clockworkmod and jelly beans with CM10 ? Cheers

    • Hi, please ensure that debugging is “NOT” enabled in the settings menu. That might be causing this issue. Also, please ensure that you have installed the drivers on your Computer before beginning the flashing process.

  30. Hi Phanse,

    I got into Reboot Loop problem while rooting and installing CWMod Recovery on my SGS GT-I9000 which was running GringerBread 2.3.6(JV7). I used Odin3 v1.85 for flashing CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVU_2.3.6-v4.3-CWM3RFS.tar on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

    Though I used some solutions suggested on XDA.COM to correct the Reboot Loop problem but still download mode and recovery mode are working on my SGS GT-I9000.

    How about flashing XXJVU Stock ROM using your guide to get my phone in working condition again. I would appreciate your quick expert advice on this issue.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey there, sorry for not being able to reply soon… Was still in festive mood and didn’t login… I guess you were able to figure out the issue and tackle the same. For the live chat, you can add me on gtalk @ freakysamdroid@gmail.com I am normally online anytime after 20:00 Hrs IST

  31. I have GT-i9000 with build GINERBREAD.XWJVH and baseband I9000SRJV1.
    It is un-rooted. I want to root it and get Clockwork Mod on it and then be able to install custom ROMs. Do I first need to follow your instructions to INSTALL 2.3.6 (this article) and then the instructions to ROOT 2.3.6?
    Or can I go straight to the ROOT instructions and then on to custom ROMs?

  32. Thanks. I read some of the earlier comments and realised i needed to install this first. Done it and all succesful!! Thanks for the great guide.

    If i want to install CyanogenMod or something do i still need to do the “Tutorial to Root Android 2.3.6 XXJVU ” or is there a way to root it directly for the rom i want?

    • When you need to install any other custom ROM like CyanogenMOD, these ROMs are normally flashed from the recovery. So, for that, you need the CWM Recovery or the TWRP Recovery to flash these ROMs and hence the root access. Technically, you can root any of the ROMs released by Samsung (subject to, it has been developed by someone) but, as far as flashing custom ROMs is concerned, the said 2.3.6 ROM has shown maximum compatibility and has the least chances of failure. Hence, I normally recommend people to start from this one!!

      Hope this clears your doubt.

  33. i9000dxjpb-base band version
    froyo-dxjpe…built number

    i want to put it da stock rom 2.3.6…..can u tel me wat changes it wil make…i mean batry life…nd stuff…actualy since tz froyo certain games doesnt wrk…datz y….

    • GB ROMs are way better than Froyo!! You can for sure switch over. And yes, it does have better battery life, plus more app support. You can carry out the installation as described in the tutorial. In case the device is not able to register itself to the network operator after flashing, you can install your country specific radio from here

  34. hello , ur blog is awesome one.. keep it up. yesterday i have bought samsung gt i9000, which is having kernal version , build no -lidroid-i9000-1.2 baseband version i9000zsjpj firmware version 2.3.4. now the thing is i am totaaly confused whether the current version stock rom is latest or not, actually the battery backup is not good, i am from india, please help, which will be the stable version and how to download.

    • Hi, I’m not really sure about the firmware you are using. As far as India is concerned, you can definitely flash the 2.3.6 XXJVU available in this blog post. It has by far the best battery backup (better than 2.3.3) and supports a lot more apps.

  35. hiii ian using 2.3.6 but after that i root my phone and insttal 4.0.2..and now iam go back 2.3.6..i flow ur process but odin show that do not target off ..set pit file..

  36. Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy S with Cyanogenmod 10 (ICS). I want to go back to stock 2.3.6. Question 1: Is the process the same as you describe above? Question 2: Is XXJVU better than XXJW4? Question 3: Why do you need a pit file? There are guides for installing JW4 using only one file (PDA) and no re-partition. Thanks a million for your post and help.

    • 1. Yes, you may follow the tutorial to go back to 2.3.6
      2. XXJVU & XXJW4 are the basebands/radios which help in getting the network. These basebands and country specific and hence their efficiency changes from country to country. However, I have personally experienced that XXJVU (Open Europe baseband) works pretty much efficiently in quite a lot of countries outside Europe too.
      3. PIT files are normally used for the repartitioning the memory. Post 2.3.3, I guess we were able to incorporate the same in the PDA file itself however, I would strongly advise you to use a PIT file when coming back to 2.3.6 from something like ICS/JB since they have different partitioning

      Hope this answers all your queries!!

    • It shouldn’t take more than 10 min (at the most)

      In case the process doesn’t get completed, just unplug the cable, remove and reinsert the battery, get into download mode again and follow the same process via ODIN

  37. why did you give us 3 links to download when stupid fucking hotfile makes you wait 30 minutes in-between each file download

  38. Dude I’ve got to say. I had problems updating my Rom frm froyo but you made it simple.. U explained it really well.. kudos keep up the good work.. I hope you will help us out here providing the JB custom roms for I9000

  39. I already Update 2.3.4 lidroid-i9000-1.2. …..then my phone model Showing like GT-I9000.. it is working good………………………………How can i Update 2.3.6 Ginger Bread I9000 Original version pls help me

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    • It shouldn’t take more than 10 min at max

      If it has been more than 10 min, just pull the cable, pull the battery, reinsert the battery, go back to download mode, restart odin and flash again!!

  41. Hi I have a Galaxy s Anycall i 9000 SW-m110s……korean version can i update 2.3.6 Ginger Bread ………….Answer me pls

  42. Hi man !I have gt i9000 i want make us the otg usb on the this divice.How make that please please !Give me solution.

    • USB OTG on I9000 is not really successful. You need a self powerd usb hub and what not to make it work. I myself tried it out but couldn’t succeed.

  43. hi! i have gt-i9000. and i have 2.3.3 firmware version. Baseband jxjv6, kernel version: jpjv6-CL233266 mobilus@MEA-03#4, buildnumber Gingerbread Jpjv6.. i want to update it to 2.3.6. would it be possible? ive checked the region of my phone and it says JED. i am now in asia. 🙂 i really want to update my version but im not sure if works properly in my phone. please help asap!

  44. Hi i have done this procedure on my i9003..now i am unable to see the download option by the three way button option.What shud i do please help………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sorry there was a mistake in the previous comment so I am posting my problem again.

    I am very much impressed by your efforts. Thanks alot buddy.
    Today I just followed your steps to upgrade my GT-I9000 and its done.
    previous information was:
    Model-GT-I9000, Firmware Version-2.3.4,
    Baseband Version-I9000ZSJPJ, Kernel Version-
    Bulid Number-lidroid-i9000-1.2

    But now i have a problem.
    The new information is :
    Firmware Version – 2.3.6
    Baseband Version – UNKNOWN
    Kernel Version- se.infra@SEI-22#2
    Bulid Number – Gingerbread.XXJVU

    Well, the problem is, the phone isn’t showing the IMEI number also not recognizing the sim.
    I am in Pakistan. Please help me. I will be very grateful to you.
    Also I am new to this and followed your above mentioned procedure for the very first time and succeeded but not been able to connect to a network provider and can’t see the IMEI number when dial *#06#..

    please help me dude.

  46. Hi,
    Iam using samsung galaxy s GT-I9000, my android froyo version is :
    FROYO:2.2 ; Baseband Version:I9000JXJPB ; Kernel Version: root@SE-S606 #53
    Build Number: FROYO.JPJPA ; PDA:I9000JPJPA ; PHONE:I9000JXJPB ; CSC:I9000JPJPA
    I have a problem with my I9000 , its back & menu keys(left & right keys) are not working. This happends when I updated Touch Screen Firmware by mistake through (*#2663#) after update below are the numbers:
    Phone’s TSP FW version: 22, Part’s TSP FW version: 22, TSP Threshold: 40, Phone’s Touch key FW version: 0xa9, Part’s Touch key FW version: 0xa9
    Now I have been searcing different blogs to find any solution to recover my I9000 keys, but not yet suceeded, All I have got is that following message in one of the blog
    Grab ODIN and your stock 2.2.x firmware.
    Disable lagfixes if you need to.
    Flash it.
    Update your touchkey firmware ( *#*#2663#*#* in dialer)
    Now reflash a CWM kernel with ODIN
    Re-apply your custom rom from sd.

    I really cannot understand the above solution and request you to help me fix my problem, I would be very greatfull to you.

  47. Hello, I have a GT-I9000T;Gingerbread 2.3.3, baseband I9000TUBJV6, Korean make but I live and got it in the US. My phone has some kind of bug with a force close error after calls. It sometimes shows that “activity phone (in process com.android.phone) is not responding. Force close/wait” I need to know what the best firmware upgrade would be best for this phone. Thanks.

  48. hi Phanse,
    i have samsung gt-i9152 (mega 5.8).
    can you please tell me the best custom rom for samsung mega 5.8 ?
    i have got the latest update from samsung for 4.2.2 but its consuming lot of battery..

  49. which CF-root should i download??? plz send me the link and name

    firmware 2.3.4

    baseband I900ZSJPJ

    kernal version

    buil number lidroid-i9000-1.2


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  54. hi..
    my phone is from canada can you give me a proper update… baseband version is i9000UGKG3.. pls help me..

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