Android Tutorial: Install Team ICSSGS’ ICS 4.0.3 RC 4.1 for Samsung Galaxy S

We now have the RC4.1 of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 by Team ICSSGS (Previously known as Onecosmic’s Port) for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 (International), I9000b, Captivate & Vibrant. The major changes in this release are:


  • Blurryness Fixed
  • Wifi/Data Issue Resolved (Problem in RC4)
  • Implemented SIO, VR, Deadline I/O schedulers
  • SIO is now the default I/O scheduler
  • Google keyboard(Faster and comes from Google themselves)
  • Galaxy Nexus kernel splash, clean Google logo
  • Removed doubled busybox
  • Sharpened up bootanimation
  • ROM cleanup
  • Removed WiFix Manager cover up the wifi issues
  • Notable increase in speed \o/
  • Changed RIL code to CM one, cleaner code implementation
  • New updater script which to prevent issues when flashing
  • In browser, ‘Exit to car mode’ now fixed to ‘Find on Page’
  • Deep idle working with framework integration
  • 100MHz now works
  • Application purchase from Android Market now possible
  • All video effects working flawlessly in Camera now!!
  • Pictures editing in Gallery works now
  • Screen flicker upon lock is now gone
  • Odexed optimisation
  • Battery Life eXtender
  • Slightly tweaked read ahead values
  • Sztupy’s USB OTG V5 (YES, Now connect external HDDs, Flash Drives or even your DSLRs to the phone via USB just as Galaxy S II)
  • WiFi fix for those with issues with wifi not working with screen off
  • Unstable voltages fixed
  • Facebook sync works now
  • USB Transfer Speed fixed
  • Back to AOSP Music

Some pre-requisites to be followed are:

  • Taking the back-up: This is a must thing that should be done. Get into Clockworkmod Recovery and select backup. It would take around 10 minutes to complete the backup. Please make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Alternatively, you can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager or Titanium Backup which are freely available in the android market.
  • Also, to take up the backup of sms and call logs you may use SMS Backup+ which again is freely available in android market. It syncs your call logs and sms as labels to your gmail account.
  • Root users can make a nandroid backup using the Clockworkmod Recovery App.
  • If you have encrypted your phone, please remove the encryption before flashing. It might cause problems.

Now, for the Installation of the ICS 4.0.3 RC4.1, the following downloads must be made and copied to the root folder of the phone:

—Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing—

Now, to flash this ROM, it is necessary that your current ROM is a rooted one. If not, then please head here to install Android 2.3.6 and root it from here. Then, you may continue installing ICS by doing the following:

To enter into recovery mode one needs to press the three button combo:

  1. Get into Recovery Mode
  2. Clean Cache and do Factory reset.
  3. Install ROM from sdcard. For this enter into the recovery, move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the ROM file and select it.
  4. In case, the phone does not go past the boot screen, follow Step 1-3 again. That should solve the issue.

Some Know Issues:

  • Lockscreen occasionally does not react to touch
  • Formatting external sd formats internal
  • Facebook sync pictures are low resolution


If you have actually read and tried all these instructions and are still stuck PLEASE POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AND THEY WILL GET ADDRESSED ASAP.


41 thoughts on “Android Tutorial: Install Team ICSSGS’ ICS 4.0.3 RC 4.1 for Samsung Galaxy S

    • The teamhacksung’s build is not yet complete (or even near completion), and it is a custom ROM (CM9), where OneCosmic’s build is a port of the stock ICS modified for the SGS (No loss of functionality from neither ICS or the previous stock versions).

      • Yes absolutely true. But in the current situation where we don’t have official support for ICS from Samsung yet and their role not being clear, it is good to have developers like Team ICSSGS who have endeavored to bring the stock ROM at the least.

  1. ”Now, to flash this ROM, it is necessary that your current ROM is a rooted one. If not, then please head here to install Android 2.3.6 and root it from here. Then, you may continue installing ICS by doing the following”

    i haver gingerbread on my i9000B. it is no rooted. when i try to install 2.3.6 it says that is no for the i9000B. should i do it anyway?? the ICS will work then?

  2. Hey.. i was having RC3.1 i just flashed RC4.1 and everything is working fine EXCEPT… im not getting SIGNAL is says NO SERVICE constantly.. What do i do… i tried reflashing it 2-3 times… tried using Glitch kernel but no use im still not getting any service… it does search connections but it says its unable to connect (no service) RC 3.1 was working fine for me..

    PLZ HELP…what do i do..?

  3. yes exactly… i get the list of service providers but wen i click it just says not available n it doesny select.. and it just shows NO service… 😐
    first i installed it on 3.0.8 neo kernel on wichi had installed RC3.1 but after flashing RC4.1 im just not getting any signal !!

  4. I seem to be going through the same issue. The strange thing was that it initially listed tmobile’s network. Now it seems that the phone’s not showing any networks.

  5. Sorry for the stupid follow up question … I noticed that the radio you’re telling to flash is shown as captivate … Would the modem also work for the vibrant .. I need to connect to tmobile’s network..

      • humm thanks for the update … after flashing this modem, i’m still going through the same issue. should i have also done a clean wipe before flashing this radio?

          • just a quick update.. tried wiping out everything reinstalling the rom, kernel and radio.. still no luck with service .. this is weird because when i first installed this rom, it clearly showed tmobile as one of my available networks .. afterwards it disappeared to never show up again … major head scratcher (because i’m so close to having ics).

            go to do some more digging and update this thread if i come up with a solution..

  6. Installed and works greak, very fast.
    -Have some bugs like youtube app that force closed when connect to your account.
    -The battery last around 4 hours in normal use (this must be corrected)

    -has more free ram memory
    -very fast
    -all the features work

    So keepp it going and thanks to the developers to make this happen.

        • Nah, I didn’t mean that you had to actually do something about it. The so-called calibration softwares or tricks available all over the Internet are a myth. You can know that from the Horse’s mouth itself: One of the Android employee from google says:

          What I meant was, after a day or two, you shall actually be able to judge the performance because right now, when the new OS is installed, it is the general tendency of the user to explore the features and in turn they over use the phone and then complain about poor battery life.

  7. I have a rooted Vibrant on Froyo, I have never flashed a rom or used Clockwork Mod until I started trying to flash ICS, I follow all the instructions, use 3 button method to get into recovery, delete cache, deleteuser data but then I get no option to “install zip from sd card”. I can format the sd card but have not tried that opption as I am unclear how that would do anything but erase the zip file that II want to flash. How do I get the option to “intall zip from sd card”??

    • Are you sure it is rooted? If it is then from what you are telling, I suppose it us just that you don’t have clockworkmod recovery instaaled. In that case, you.can goto androd market and first install ROM MANAGER FREE.
      Once that is done, next open Rom Manager, give it Superuser Access, click on flash clockworkmod recoveries and select.the.version that lists your device compatible.
      Once you do these steps,.you should be able to install ICS using the tutorial above….

  8. Yes definitely rooted. let me ask- is the install option always there when you boot into recovery wether or not you have a zip file on the root of the phone? how do i know if i have the zip file in the right place? i have it in 2 places – the root of the 2 drives that show up when i usb to my laptop. i assume those are the internal and external sd cards.
    will the install option only show up if a trigger has been completed, ie taking the backup? you say its a must thing but in the next sentence you say “Alternatively, you can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager” which i did the alternate.
    If the only thing i ever did was upgrade to froyo using kies a year ago, can I asume I have stock bootloaders? Will recovery always look the same no matter how you get there, and why doesnt mine have the option to install. I’m certainly a pro at factory resets at this point.
    Going through these articles is mind boggling and the assumption that the reader is a walking wiki of android knowledge is frustrating. You seemed like the only tech guy who wasnt going to laugh at me for asking a question and had written the easiest tutorial to follow but obviously something is amiss. help?

    • Yes, you should be having stock bootloaders…. I have some questions for you:
      What its the exact model no.of your device and the country?
      Also were you able to install rom manager?
      Do you have some application named superuser installed on your phone?

  9. My problem , upon further investigation, has to do with signature verification. Apparantly it causes a problem with clockwork mod revcovery. Back to trial and error.

  10. Bonjour,

    je viens de suivre votre tuto afin d’installer ics. Mais impossible de le faire la process s’arret pour problème signature…

    Auriez vous un conseil pour relancer completement le process


  11. hi…i am using samsung t959v…pls tell me how to install clockworkmod recovery in my cell??? i hv upgraded my cell from froyo 2.2 to gingerbread 2.3.5 using ODIN…i tried installing Ex-ROm 2.0 but they say low internal storage although m having 400 MB free internal storage…can i install this ICS rom through ODIN…i find that procedure easy..plss help..

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