Google Chrome Beta for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Some good news for Android lovers are here… Google recently released the Beta version of Google Chrome for Android. Unfortunately, this one is only for the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 users and will be available in a select few countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil).

Still having Google Chrome on Android will be a great thing considering the Chrome Sync feature enabling the users to bring their personalized settings from the desktop version of Chrome. Some of the main features included are:

  • Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
  • Search and navigate directly from the omnibox
  • Gesture feature to switch tabs, with unlimited tabs
  • Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack
  • Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer
  • Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline
  • Browse privately in Incognito mode

The specifications of the application are:

  • UPDATED: February 7, 2012
  • CURRENT VERSION: 0.16.4130.199
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.0 and up
  • CATEGORY: Communication
  • SIZE: 16MB
  • PRICE: Free
  • DOWNLOAD: Chrome

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Beta for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Ola! Phanse,
    Thanks, on a related note, Although Google Chrome is one of the most popular and also advanced Internet Browsers that is available today, it doesn’t come without some drawbacks. Because Google Chrome is such a highly sophisticated developed piece of software, which has been designed to make your Internet browsing experience the best and nothing else, the problems that come with it are sophisticated as well. Users of Chrome have reported various errors and issues with the browser, such as Crashing, Stalling, Error messages. Other users have claimed that they have had issues with Flash Player not functioning properly, this leaves many people stranded and unable to view certain web pages. All of this evidence put forward of Google Chrome’s issues has been led to believe that the browser is easily susceptible to damage and corruption.
    Keep up the posts!

    • But an application that is in its Beta stage is bound to have problems. Beta stage itself means it is under testing. Anyways, the way to look at this post was that Google has finally released Chrome for Android. Once it comes out of Beta, there won’t be any problem like this!!

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