Android Tutorial: Install Teamhacksung’s ICS 4.0.3 CM9 ALPHA (Build 17) for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

TeamHacksung today released a new build, Build 17 for the much awaited Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, the CyanogenMod 9 (CM9). The changelog for the Build 17 is as follows:


  • Top of widget selection selector says “Select screen lock” (Upstream fix)
  • Chrome not working
  • Various other upstream fixes
Known Issues:
  • Camera does not support scene modes
  • FM Radio does not work.
  • Phone unnecessarily gets data connection on device encryption password enter screen.
  • Cannot format external SD
  • Android OS battery usage display higher than normal.
  • Sometime wrong SMS selected for forwarding
  • Format internal instead of external SD when requested to format ext. SD
  • Transfer speed slows down when screen off
  • Gallery face glow FCs
  • Screenshot shutter sound
  • Camera crashes when changing resolution
  • TV Out using HW-decoding (probably won’t be fixed)
  • Sim Toolkit (probably won’t be fixed)
  • No camera focus mode setting
  • Back camera does not record geotagging
  • Compass doesn’t work in Google Maps v6
  • Unable to dial “0001” in some regions
  • Regression in BUILD 15: Data Roaming enabled by default
  • Slow USB transfer speed for some people
  • Camera still photos problem after recording video


Some pre-requisites to be followed are:

  • Taking the back-up: This is a must thing that should be done. Get into Clockworkmod Recovery and select backup. It would take around 10 minutes to complete the backup. Please make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Alternatively, you can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager or Titanium Backup which are freely available in the android market.
  • Also, to take up the backup of sms and call logs you may use SMS Backup+ which again is freely available in android market. It syncs your call logs and sms as labels to your gmail account.

Now, for the Installation of the CM9, the following downloads must be made and copied to the root folder of the phone:

—Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing—

Now, to flash this ROM, it is necessary that your current ROM is a rooted one. If not, then please head here to install Android 2.3.6 and root it from here. Then, you may continue installing CM9 by doing the following:

To enter into recovery mode one needs to press the three button combo:

  1. Get into Recovery Mode
  2. Clean Cache and do Factory reset.
  3. Install ROM from sdcard. For this enter into the recovery, move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the ROM file and select it.
  4. Install Google Apps (Optional): For this first ROM Manager has to be installed from the Android Market (Free). Once that is done, open ROM Manager, at opening the app, it will ask for the SuperUser rights. Click on allow. Next, navigate to the Download ROM under the ROM Management section. Under the Free tab, loacate Google Apps. Select the latest one having the Subtitle as Recommended for CM9.xx. (At the time of publishing this tutorial, “20120304 ICS” was the latest one.
  5. Install Google Apps Fixer (If installed Google Apps): For this enter into the recovery, move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the file and select it. Please note that, here, if the google sync does not work even after installing the Google Apps Fixer, do a Factory Reset and Do Not restore the data backup made by Titanium Backup.


If you have actually read and tried all these instructions and are still stuck PLEASE POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AND THEY WILL GET ADDRESSED ASAP.


13 thoughts on “Android Tutorial: Install Teamhacksung’s ICS 4.0.3 CM9 ALPHA (Build 17) for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

  1. Hi! I already used your guide for JVU a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like trying this out now, allthough my phone is running good. If I don’t like this build, can I change back to JVU again?
    Hope you can help me!

    • By JVU if you mean to say Android 2.3.6 XXJVU, yes you can… but you can restore the clockworkmod recovery backup only after installing the stock rom via ODIN as directed in the tutorial, then root it and then restore the backup.

      Also, if you were talking about some other ICS ROM posted here earlier, then for that too, you’ll need to flash 2.3.6 first via odin, next root it then install the ROM of your choice…

      • I got Android 2.3.6 XXJVU running on my SGS right now, yes, sorry. Can I change back if I don’t like CM9?
        Is this the best stock ICS ROM availible? Or do you think there is a more stable one?

        • Currently, Android 2.3.6 XXJVU is the official Gingerbread ROM by Samsung and this particular one is the Open Europe edition. You can any time port back to it using ODIN method. Also, CM9 is not a stock ROM. The ROM made by Team ICSSGS currently running into the RC 4.2 is the stock ROM based on ICS for i9000. CM9 is currently in Alpha stage as the name says… so it is actually meant for testing purposes only!!! Yes, there are some comparatively stable ROMs available such as Dark Knight 3.0, SLIM ICS, etc… but they too aren’t completely ready yet. Hope this solves your query.

          • It does! Thank you very much! I appreciate that you’re taking your time to explain this stuff to a newbie like myself.
            I think I will try using your guide for Dark Knight 3.0, since I just saw a video of Dark Knight 2.1 and that looked very, very good. It also looks a bit more simple than trying CM9..
            Thanks again!

  2. Hi,

    I updated from CM9 build 16 to 17. Everything worked but when I install Google apps from from manager it gives me error like “error in \cache\”. After this installation is aborted. I can’t get my Google apps and market as a result. Can you please guide?

    • before heading to install the google apps from the ROM Manager, try to first remove the present in the root folder of your internal SD Card to some place safe and then try it out again…

      • Thanks. Your suggestion did not solve my problem. However I found solution myself. I located zip file rom manager downloaded, restarted in recovery mode and installed that zip file manually from ‘install from sd card option’. This was my solution.

  3. Hi, I have installed this on my GT-I9000 but now i cna not send or receve SMS is there anything i need to do to resolve this. Thanks Alex

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