Android Tutorial | Install Dark Knight 5.5 | ICS 4.0.4 Nexus port for SGS GT I9000

XDA Developer nasif619 is back with one more update for the ROM Dark Knight. This ROM originally made for the Nexus S has been ported to the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 (International). The ROM is based on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich v 4.0.4. The main features of the ROM are:

  • Engine: Android 4.0.4 release Nasif modified, changed, improved
  • Very Fast System0.
  • Fat-Free ROM
  • Zoom on camera
  • Pre-rooted
  • Full init.d Support
  • Touch to focus
  • Voodoo Colour
  • Notification widgets
  • Zipalinged
  • Insert Busybox
  • Tweaks in Build.prop
  • Best battery life [NO Android OS BUG]
  • WiFi Tethering
  • HD 720p Video recording
  • GPS tweaks.
  • Add free rom.
  • Necessary app installed on your data partition.
  • Full USB transfer speed.


  • WiFi bug fix
  • Data bug fix
  • Play store Fix
  • No more Reboot on downloading app
  • latest devil Kernel
  • Advanced Edify Script
  • New Script To speed UP
  • 125 mb free memory
  • Removed some app


To install this ROM, some pre-requisites to be followed are:

  • Taking the back-up: You can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager or Titanium Backup (Root Users) which are freely available in the android market.
  • Also, to take up the backup of sms and call logs you may use SMS Backup+ which again is freely available in android market. It syncs your call logs and sms as labels to your gmail account.
  • Root users can make a nandroid backup using the Clockworkmod Recovery App.

Now, for the Installation of Dark Knight 4.0.4, the following downloads must be made and copied to the root folder of the phone:

Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing

To avoid any flashing problems, I would recommend you to be on Android 2.3.6 or CM7.1 or DK itself.

Now, to flash this ROM, it is necessary that your current ROM is a rooted one.  If not, then please head here to install Android 2.3.6 and root it from here. Then, you may continue installing Dark Knight 4.0.4 by doing the following: To enter into recovery mode one needs to press the three button combo:

  1. Get into Recovery Mode
  2. Clean Cache and do Factory reset by selecting the wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition options. Also, get into the advanced section and use the Wipe Dalvik Cache too.
  3. Install ROM from sdcard. For this enter into the recovery, move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the ROM file and select it.
  4. Once this is done, boot into the new ROM, go to Rom control/Start-up Tweaks. Allow superuser Permission. Then Install the fix FIX Startup



If you have actually read and tried all these instructions and are still stuck PLEASE POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AND THEY WILL GET ADDRESSED ASAP.


29 thoughts on “Android Tutorial | Install Dark Knight 5.5 | ICS 4.0.4 Nexus port for SGS GT I9000

  1. In case of any issues after installing this ROM, can i revert back to TeamICSSGS 4.0.3 RC 4.2 for Samsung Galaxy S again?

    Secondly, when do you think this ROM would be fully functional stage with Wifi / Data connection working fine?

    • Yes, you can definitely go back to TeamICSSGS ROM anytime you want. Also, you can try to take the nandroid backup as described in the tutorial which can be easily used to restore to the previously installed ROM w/o taking much pains!!
      As far as the further development is concerned, I shall post the updates as soon as the developers release the next version.

      • Some bugs i came across:
        1)There is some issue with the unlock screen. when i try to unloack my phone the swipe does not work. I have to try several attmepts and then it works. this happens sometimes and not always.
        2) Some times the applications crash. It happens only when the unlock screen issue occurs. After the phone gets unlocked, it takes hell lot of time to launch menus or clicking any applications like making calls, msgs, etc. I have to restart my phone and then it is fine.
        3) Also, if anything can be done for battery. It drains very fast after flashing this ROM. I use Juice Defender to sustain my battery life.
        Other than this everything seems to be fine.

  2. Hi can you please elaborate on how to install this:
    Once this is done, boot into the new ROM, go to Rom control/Start-up Tweaks. Allow superuser Permission. Then Install the fix FIX Startup
    A step by step please would be appreciated, thank you

    • okay… here it is:
      1. You install the ROM as per the instruction.
      2. You boot into the new ROM
      3. Instead of configuring your phone right now, just exit from that section, go it the applications menu
      4. Locate the ROM COntrol/Start-up tweaks app and click on it to open.
      5. You will get a pop up asking if you’d like to allow superuser permission
      6. Check mark as Yes and click on OK
      7. Press and hold the power button and reboot into the recovery
      8. navigate to install zip from sdcard
      9. in it, navigate to FIX Startup file and install it.
      10. Reboot normally and you’re done

      Hope this helps you out!! 🙂

  3. Would it be possible to load this ROM on a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 in India? SInce you’ve specified that it is an international version only.

    Also I already have the Dark Knight version, however am unaware of the version number (sure its not 5.5 update). SO will this update be over the one I already have?

    • In India I guess the GT I9000 version (International Version) itself was launched… so there should not be any issue with that… just double check by confirming the same with the details printed on the back of the phone below the battery…

  4. hello.. recently, i’ve just upgrade my i9000 to dark knight 5.5..
    what i would love to know is,
    how do you change the ringtones? because i can’t use my mp3 as ringtones.

    thank you.

    • you can access that particular file mp3 file from the file manager and in the options assign it as a ringtone!! Hope that sorts out the issue…

  5. Hi I installed dark knight 5.5 and fix – all went w/out problem. However, in usb mode – when I try to move files from my pc to the galaxy s – files which are visible in windows explorer are not visible on the galaxy s. If I remove the usb connection, then the files are visible on the galaxy s. To add: the files I can see in windows explorer cannot be seen on the handset, and the files I can see on the handset cannot be seen in windows explorer??as if some directories are seen by the handset only and other directories are seen by windows explorer only??????

    • Well from the first part… all I can say is you are probably connecting the phone in mass storage mode (mounting the usb storage) Hence, you cannot access your both internal and external sd cards.

      As far as the second part is concerned, are you sure you are looking for the files in the same directory? Just try this out… copy an image in both internal and external sd card, use the gallery as well as astro file manager (from android market) and try to locate the same and let me know…

      • that was quick!!!!
        I cant get back to this for a day or two now but..
        if I was in mass storage mode, how would I get out of it?
        Re the second part, it was as if windows explorer could only see part of the data and galaxy could only see the other part. Re looking at the same file / directory – yes i was. With usb connected, the directory /mnt/emmc was empty. with usb connected, that same directory had all of the files in it.
        thanks again.

        • hmmm
          i guess DK wont be supporting the mtp mode (that comes in the stock ROM) not really sure… but unlike others, you seem to like the mtp mode.. that’s weird 😛 any ways, you can try flashing the latest devil kernel for ICS from here… it has the option of switching to mtp mode (which you can access from the recover)
          and for the other problem, can you mail me the screenshots of both from the pc and the phone to will see wat it is

          • Hi from other posts I’ve seen, I think this may be a jelly bean bug where external sd-card is not mounted to pc.

          • I’m showing my lack of know-how in this area!!!!!
            but, and there was no doubt about this, with usb connected files were visible in windows explorer but NOT on the handset (using OI file manager), and when I disconnected usb the files were available on the handset in the same directory which was shown empty while usb was connected.
            I removed 5.5 because of this. If I get a chance over the coming week I may put it back on again and look further at it.
            Many thanks for your responses.

          • No probs.. even I lack knowledge in many areas.. and still learning!! 🙂
            Shall be posting some new ROM tutorials soon!! do check ’em out!

  6. Hello Friend Thank you for the guide i am from India and my firmware is 2.3.3 baseband I9000DDJV5, Build is GINGERBREAD.DDJV9. Can i install this ICS version ?

  7. Hi,

    I have a small issue that I hope you can help me with.
    I’m trying to remove a secondary gmail account from my phone and some google search let me know to go into settings -> accounts & sync, tap the account and in the top right corner is a button to remove it.
    No my problem is…there is no button anywhere. Do you have any tip how I can still delete the account without wiping my phone?

    Many thabks in advance!

    • Hi,
      The developers have not made any further release for this ROM till date. So, I guess this is the final version and any bugs still present will remain… 😦

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