Android Tutorial | Install CyanogenMOD 10 Experimental M Series | SGS GT I9000

CyanogenMOD is the name that would pop up in any ones mind when discussing about Custom ROMs. When it comes to the claimed to be “outdated” devices like the good old Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 and I9000b, the only way to get the Android 4.1.1, Jelly Bean, updates is to depend on any custom ROM or the Nexus Stock ROM ported to the device. Luckily enough, the CynaogenMOD community hasn’t stopped supporting this device and hence, we’ve been getting nightly updates very frequently. So, here we are, with yet another tutorial to install none other than the CyanogenMOD 10 for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. Readers please note that this ROM is compatible with the GT I9000 and I9000B versions ONLY and NOT for Captivate or Vibrant. The ROM has already been here for almost a month now, hence an “almost stable” ROM that could treated as good as the a daily use ROM. So, those still willing to try out this wonderful ROM go on read further…

To install this ROM, some pre-requisites to be followed are:

  • Taking the back-up: You can take the back up of only the apps using Astro File Manager or Titanium Backup (Root Users) which are freely available in the android market. If you are hearing the term “Root Users” for the first time, and don’t have the SuperUser app installed on your phone, rest assured, your ROM doesnot have root access yet.
  • Also, to take up the backup of sms and call logs you may use SMS Backup+ which again is freely available in android market. It syncs your call logs and sms as labels to your gmail account.
  • Root users can make a nandroid backup using the Clockworkmod Recovery App.
  • You need to be using any ICS based ROM in order to carry out a smooth installation of CM10. If you don’t have ICS installed, please head over here and install ICS first. (I know, it will be really irritating to carry out such a long procedure, but believe me, it is very much necessary to carry out a gltich free installation)
  • Download the ROM package to flashed: (This was the latest available M Series ROM, will be updated from time to time Updated:16/11/2012)
  • Download the GApps package to be flashed:
  • Copy both the package to the internal memory (Internal sd card not the removable one) of the Phone

Make sure the the device has 100% battery so that, there aren’t any problems during the flashing

To enter into recovery mode one needs to press the three button combo:

  1. Get into Recovery Mode
  2. Clean Cache and do Factory reset by selecting the wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition options. Also, get into the advanced section and use the Wipe Dalvik Cache too.
  3. Install ROM from sdcard. For this enter into the recovery, move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the ROM file  and select it.
  4. Now, as soon as the installation begins, there might be a chance where in an error would occur and the ROM will simply reboot after showing an “X” mark in red on the CM Logo. Do not panic in this situation. Just enter into the recovery again using the three button combo shown in the above figure.
  5. This time, the ROM will reboot and enter into recovery to complete the installation. Next,  move to install zip from sdcard using the Volume Up/Down Keys, and click on the Home key to enter. Then select choose zip from sdcard and in the next screen navigate to the GApps file  and install it.
  6. Next, again go to the advanced section and select fix permission.
  7. Once, that is done, reboot/restart the phone and voila! You now have CyanogenMOD 10, Jelly Bean on your device!!

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7 thoughts on “Android Tutorial | Install CyanogenMOD 10 Experimental M Series | SGS GT I9000

  1. Hi फणसे,
    The server,, doesn’t allow to download the complete zip file. I downloaded it twice, it was of 1KB size both the times.
    Hoping for an alternative link for the file or some other solution to get the same file.
    Very good job, keep it up.

      • Hi Phanse,
        Thanks for quick update. I downloaded material successfully from given updated links.
        I couldn’t install this CM10 on ICS333. The installation ended with errors as follows:
        On wiping Delvik cache;
        Err: E: unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]
        On selection of downloaded file;
        This ROM uses an incompatible partition layout your /data will be wiped upon installation. Run this again to confirm install.
        assert failed: run_program(“tmp/”)
        E:Error in /sdcard/JB/
        (status 7)
        Installation aborted.
        It would be very nice of you if you provide update to JB 4.1.2 with some stable and fast ROM along with the solution of above installation failure.

        • Hi,

          The reason for the same is different partitioning on both the ROMs. So, I’d suggest you to go back to 2.3.6, root it and then install JB.

          When you use ODIN and select the pit512 file, it will re-partition the storage and hence get rid of the error. Hope that helps.

          BTW, the links that I updated are that of JB 4.1.2 only!!

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