Oneplus releases intermediate Android 4.4.4 update for One via OTA | CM 11S 05Q | Sideload Guide for Indian OPO Users

Oneplus has today released an update for the One CM 11S 05Q which addresses several known issues as well as adds new features like Swiftkey & MaxxAudio by Wave. The complete list of changes can be viewed on the official Forum Page here.

This guide is being written keeping in mind the OnePlus users from India where, CyanogenMOD updates will no longer be released due to the exclusive rights distribution issue between OnePlus & Micromax. All those wishing to manually install the ROM can follow this tutorial. The best part here is that it neither requires Unlocked Bootloader nor a Root Access.

Downloads Required:

Disclaimer: Although this is a fool proof method of updating which doesn’t involve any unlocking of bootloader or rooting of the device, we do not take any responsibility in case of any issue. Please proceed with the steps below at your own risk.

  1. Download the ROM zip file from the url mentioned above.
  2. Rename the file to and paste it in the root folder of the device (\A0001\Internal storage)
  3. Next, we need to access the Developer Options on the device. Those who have it already enabled can skip to step 4 others follow on.
    1. To enable Developer Options go to Settings > About Phone
    2. Tap on the “Build Number” text multiple times until a pop notifies that Developer Options have been enabled.
  4. Go to Settings > Developer Options, and turn it on, and ensure that the following items have a check mark against them:
    1. Advanced Reboot
    2. Android Debugging
  5. Most Important: Ensure that the battery level is at least 50% before moving to next step to flash the ROM
  6. Press and hold the Power Button to access the Power Menu.
  7. Select “Reboot” > “Recovery” > OK
  8. The phone will now boot into the Recovery Mode.
  9. In the recovery mode, select “Apply Update” > “Choose from Internal Storage” > “0/” > “”
  10. Do not try to touch the screen until the update is installed and you are taken back to the default Recovery Mode screen.
  11. Next, click on “Reboot system now”

Voila! Your OPO is now updated to CM11S05Q!!

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Android 4.3 Official Update on Samsung SGS 4 GT I9500 (International) now available via OTA in India

Samsung has finally rolled out the Android 4.3 update to the Exynos based Samsung Galaxy S4 GT I9500 (International) in India. The updated is of 658.31 MB and apparently brings in the features as posted by SamMobile.i9500 OTA 4.3

The official change log described in the update is as below. The same can be seen from the screenshot also.

  1. OS Upgrade (Android 4.3)
  2. Added new features (KNOX for consumer, etc.)
  3. Compatibility with Galaxy Gear
  4. Improved Performance (Graphics, Multimedia, Bluetooth, etc)
  5. Improved user interface and stability
  6. User interface adjustment (Icon change,etc)
  7. Security Enhancement

Also, the footnote in the update details mentions “You cannot downgrade to the old software after this new software upgrade due to security reasons

changelog update noteSome other screenshots:

lock screen Screenshot_2013-10-21-09-00-31 Screenshot_2013-10-21-09-02-13 Screenshot_2013-10-21-09-02-36 Screenshot_2013-10-21-09-02-42

Samsung is rolling out the first OTA for Galaxy S4 I9500 in India


As one can see from the screen shot an update for improved stability is being rolled out for the international version GT I9500 Samsung Galaxy S4.

I shall further disect and report the exact changes one the update is installed.  🙂